Het Hem Chapter 2WO — Nicolas Jaar and the Shock Forest Group

Here you go, an expo-pro-tip — Visited Het HEM in Zaandam on Sunday, where Nicolas Jaar has been curating and performing as a resident artist. I highly recommend it.

Jaar kicked off his residency by gathering the ‘Shock Forest Group’, named after the nearby ‘Schokbos’. He and his group of collaborators (cartographers, linguists, coders, sound makers, biologists, designers, and engineers) are conducting research into Het HEM and the history of its site (former weapons and ammunition-factory) and surrounding area.

Chapter 2WO offers an insight into the world of the Chilean artist and composer, who utilizes his stay at the temporary art-site as an ongoing research project of the Hembrug area.

The two main installations -both very, very impressive- currently are ‘Retaining the Energy, but Losing the Image‘ by Vincent de Belleval and Nicolas Jaar, and ‘Incomprehensible sun‘ in the former bullet-testing tunnel underneath the facility. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but especially this last one is impressive, though not really for the faint of heart.

Throughout the program, the results of the group’s research will be presented in the form of lectures, tours, and performances. It’s on until December 21st and I highly recommend going. Het HEM is open from Thursday until Sunday from 12 pm – 12 am. One last tip: When going, make sure to reserve your spot for the ‘Incomprehensible sun’ installation upfront.

— Go to HetHEM.nl for tickets