Do you know why February only has 28 days? It’s —like many things— because of the Romans — After decades of shuffling around days, leap-months and sometimes just leaving gaps in their lunar calendar, Julius Caesar felt it was time for a bit more structure in 46 BC, and decided to switch to a solar […]

By Gabrielle Leung, at Hypebeast Renown architect Rem Koolhaas is exploring changes affecting the world’s surfaces beyond cities with “Countryside, The Future.” Opening at the Guggenheim next week, the exhibition will spotlight rural areas where, Koolhaas believes, “the most radical, modern components of our civilization are taking place.” Koolhaas has linked up with Samir Bantal, Director of AMO, to bring multi-sensory […]

Here you go, an expo-pro-tip — Visited Het HEM in Zaandam on Sunday, where Nicolas Jaar has been curating and performing as a resident artist. I highly recommend it. Jaar kicked off his residency by gathering the ‘Shock Forest Group’, named after the nearby ‘Schokbos’. He and his group of collaborators (cartographers, linguists, coders, sound […]