Office for… what?

First off, let me officially welcome you to this site with this inaugural post.

I’m Martijn Ros, founder of Office for Contemporary Matter (OCM). As I can well imagine, a platform with such an unequivocally pretentious name requires a bit of background, let me try to give it to you in brief.

This site is basically both our virtual business card and a collection of probably very infrequently appearing posts on creative culture. Expect quick writeups and links to articles on brands, design, interesting ideas, and other personal obsessions.

Strategic partnership

Office for Contemporary Matter is a practice for research, strategy and creative collaboration based in Amsterdam. We run (cultural) research and strategy projects for brands.

Someday soon, our ‘about’-page and more interesting people’s personal profiles will go live I guess, and you can read more on why, how and what we do. Soon. Probably.

If you want to get in touch in the meantime, feel free to connect. Details are here.